Are Teeth Implants Worth It? Reasons Why You Need To Choose It

Dental implants are a permanent tooth replacement option that looks and functions just like your natural teeth. They sound like an obvious choice, but those considering getting dental implants should note the significant length of time it takes from the initial consultation to having your abutment and crowns placed. From start to finish, the dental implant process typically takes a minimum of 6 months and can be as long as 9-12 months to complete.

So are dental implants worth it? Though the expansive timeline may have you wondering whether it’s worth the commitment, there are plenty of reasons to choose dental implants. Get a free consultation at your local dental clinic to discuss the procedure with an expert.

The Benefits of Dental Implants

If you have a missing tooth or several missing teeth, it’s worth considering getting dental implants. Over time, missing teeth can lead to bone resorption in the jaw because there is a lack of jawbone stimulation due to missing tooth roots. Ultimately, this can alter the structure of your face and lead to unwanted aesthetic changes like wrinkles around the mouth, your lips sinking inwards, and your remaining teeth shifting into misalignment to fill the gap.

If you’ve spent money previously on orthodontic treatment to correct malocclusion, replacing a missing tooth is worthwhile to avoid undoing your previous dental work.

Besides preventing the potential cosmetic pitfalls of not replacing a missing tooth, there are practical benefits to installing dental implants. The titanium implant post fuses to your jawbone over time, creating a stable artificial tooth root that mimics the function of a natural tooth. Not only does this prevent bone resorption, but it enables you to chew and enjoy all your favourite foods you previously enjoyed without worrying about damaging your implant. Dental implants are stronger than your natural teeth and can withstand more pressure.

Getting dental implants can also improve your oral health long term. Many patients with missing teeth find it difficult to properly clean their teeth once they shift out of alignment due to gaps in the mouth. A dental implant ensures your teeth remain in place, making diligent oral care easier.

Perhaps the main reason individuals consider replacing a missing tooth with dental implants is to restore a perfect smile. Dental implants look and feel like natural teeth, so they’re the ideal way to regain your confidence in both your appearance and speech.

The Challenges of the Dental Implant Procedure

For many people thinking about getting dental implants, the biggest obstacle to overcome is the significant time commitment. The process from start to finish can indeed take well over six months, but the actual implant surgery takes just 1-2 hours.

The bulk of this time is a recovery period in which you’re waiting for the dental implant post to fuse with the jawbone before the abutment and crown placement.

At Dentistry on Solent, the recovery time post-implant procedure is often quicker because we use a less invasive method of flapless surgery. This involves placing the DIO implant accurately and quickly via a keyhole technique. As a result, no sutures are needed, there is less bleeding (if any), the surgery time is faster, and recovery is accelerated.

The cost of dental implants is another concern some patients may experience when deciding whether to move ahead with the procedure. While tooth implants are a significant financial investment, they provide a permanent solution to a missing tooth, ensuring you don’t have to pay for additional devices down the road, as is the case with less permanent replacement options like dentures.

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Are Dental Implants Worth It?

Yes, for most individuals with a missing tooth, teeth implants are worth the time commitment and financial investment. The benefits of dental implants are extensive and impact you in more than one area of your life.

The cosmetic advantages of getting dental implants include the continued health of your jawbone, preventing bone resorption and undesirable structural changes to your face. You’ll also be able to care for your remaining teeth more easily since they won’t shift to fill the gaps left by missing teeth.

The boost to your self-esteem that restoring a perfect smile delivers is invaluable, as is the ability to speak normally and enjoy your food the same way you did before tooth loss. What’s more, the chance of dental implant failure is extremely low in Australia, with the nation boasting a 96% dental implant success rate. Factors influencing the chances of success with your implant procedure include oral hygiene, bone density, age, and placement of the implant. With such good odds, you can feel confident that your investment won’t go to waste.

Start the Journey to a Perfect Smile

Are dental implants worth it? For most people with a missing tooth, the answer is yes! Teeth implants are the most realistic, permanent solution to missing teeth, and with a flapless surgery method, the daunting recovery time decreases. If you’re considering getting dental implants, the next step is to schedule a free consultation with your dentist to discuss whether you are a suitable candidate for the procedure.

If you’re located in New South Wales, the team at Dentistry on Solent is ready to help you restore your smile, regain your confidence, and maintain your oral health long term. To speak with a dentist in bell vista that offers a free consultation and determine if dental implants are a good choice for you, fill out our online form or call us today on (02) 9158 6137.

Note: Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.

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