Braces vs InvisalignⓇ: The Pros and Cons of Both Options

You’re trying to decide between braces vs InvisalignⓇ. Which orthodontic treatment method is the best? The answer is neither.

Surprised to hear that? The truth is that you can’t easily compare these two procedures with one another. Yes, they both straighten crooked teeth, but they each have unique pros and cons that you should consider before making a choice.

InvisalignⓇ vs Braces: The Pros of InvisalignⓇ

InvisalignⓇ is a teeth straightening system that consists of custom-made clear trays. These trays are designed to fit your smile arches tightly so that they gradually coax the teeth into proper alignment. Once a tray feels loose, that means the teeth have moved into the right position and it’s time for the next set.

People love InvisalignⓇ because of its most obvious feature: it’s virtually invisible!

Some other great benefits include:

  • Removable trays make for easy cleaning and simple oral hygiene
  • No food restrictions since you take the trays out at meal time
  • Zero sharp wires or bulky brackets
  • No white spots left on the enamel after treatment

The Drawbacks of InvisalignⓇ

Comparing braces vs InvisalignⓇ reveals a couple shortcomings of the Invisalign system.

One is that you have to be very responsible and diligent about wearing InvisalignⓇ trays. You must wear them at all times except when eating or brushing and flossing your teeth. If you cheat by taking them out when you sleep, then the trays won’t fix your teeth. InvisalignⓇ isn’t right for you if you’re prone to forgetting to wear the trays or even losing them altogether.

InvisalignⓇ isn’t usually recommended for children. Some kids are mature enough to wear InvisalignⓇ trays responsibly, but it’s not an ideal treatment for very young people.

Another problem is that InvisalignⓇ is limited for the conditions it can treat. Extreme tooth crowding problems may be too severe for InvisalignⓇ to fix.

Braces vs InvisalignⓇ: The Upside of Braces

When you look at braces vs InvisalignⓇ in terms of the most thorough treatment, braces win out. Traditional orthodontic treatment can fix a wide variety of tooth alignment issues. Braces work for almost any patient of any age. They do their job 24/7 and the patient isn’t responsible for putting them on.

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The Cons of Wearing Braces

Given the chance to choose between Braces vs InvisalignⓇ, most people would pick Invisalign without hesitation. Braces do come with quite a list of uncomfortable downsides:

  • Cut lips and cheeks with sharp wires
  • Limit your food options
  • Difficult to brush and floss around
  • Are highly visible

How to Pick the Right Orthodontic Treatment

After comparing the pros and cons of both braces and InvisalignⓇ, you’ve decided which one sounds best to you.

But which method is best for your teeth?

The only way you’ll find out for sure which orthodontic method is right for your smile is by consulting a Bella Vista dentist. We’re proud to offer both InvisalignⓇ and other orthodontic treatment options right here at Dentistry on Solent. Call us on (02) 9158 6137 today to plan your orthodontic consultation.

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