Getting Cheap Teeth Implants – Is It Possible

Many patients wonder, “Where can I get cheap teeth implants” when it comes time to book their initial consultation. Cheap implants come with the risk of various health complications that go much further than just your mouth. Therefore, they can be riskier than it is worth.

If you find a tooth implant deal that seems too good to be true, it probably is. It is vital to educate yourself about the potential risks before embarking on a cheap dental implant procedure in Australia or abroad.

5 Dangers You Embark on with Cheap Dental Implants

  1. Overloading Implants

To decrease the final price, you may be thinking of getting fewer implants than previously quoted by your dentist; also known as overloading implants. Some dentists inexperienced with dental implants may even offer this as a solution to your problem.

However, overloading implants will not only leave you with destroyed implants and possible discomfort, but you will have to return to have a new implant replacement procedure. Which, depending on the damage initially caused by the overloaded implants could cost even more than if you had just received the necessary amount of implants during the first procedure.

  1. Not Finding a Reputable Dentist With Enough Experience

Many patients desperate for cheap teeth implants may jump on the very first offer they see without taking a minute to think about why the price is so low. In some cases, practices will reduce the price because the dentist performing implant surgery is inexperienced.

Although this does not necessarily mean you are bound to have a negative experience, it is essential to know beforehand so you can make a well-informed decision. It’s best that you find a reputable dentist that offers a free consultation so that you are in safe and experienced hands.

  1. Serious Health Complications

Cheap dental implants generally have a much higher risk for health complications following the procedure; whether it be due to outdated processes, poor materials, or hygiene.

Some of the more serious health complications include infection, nerve damage, irreversible damage to neighbouring (healthy) teeth, sinus problems (if implants were installed in the upper jaw), and extreme tooth sensitivity.

possible risks cheap teeth implants baulkham hills
  1. Choosing a General Dentist and Not a Specialist to Perform Your Procedure

Dentists who have been specially trained in prosthodontics, periodontics, or dental implantology usually experience fewer complications with patients following their procedure. Even if something does come up, they are likely well versed with the common issues and can find a solution quickly. This is not the case with unspecialised dentists, which can leave you with unsuitable implants, and in pain, for extended periods.

  1. Outdated Implantation Systems

Implants require occasional checkups by your dentist. If your dental implants were installed in an outdated manner or are made of a material not in use anymore, you could run into issues when visiting your regular dentist. Depending on their experience, they may be unable to give you the care you need and refer you back to the dentist who performed the implant procedure. This is generally a problem that happens with people who partake in dental tourism.

Dental Tourism – Is It Worth It?

Dental tourism has been rising in popularity immensely over the past few years. Unfortunately, many people make this decision blindly and end up in a foreign country, with a dentist who doesn’t speak English and botches their implant procedure.

Depending on the kind of procedure the practice offers, you must remember that it is not an in and out procedure. Your current overall oral health will also play a role in your treatment duration and cost. If your jawbone has begun to deteriorate, you will likely need a jaw graft before the implant can be inserted. Between each surgery involving your jawbone, add an additional 6-12-week healing period, at a minimum.

If you receive your implants abroad, it is also harder to get back to visit this dentist in person if you start to have any issues or complications with your implant. It’s advisable to get a free consultation at your local dental clinic instead.

Quality Tooth Implants Are Worth Their Price

No matter how attractive the deal seems, cheap tooth implants are inexpensive for a reason. Remember that prices can fluctuate due to the materials used, dentist expertise, which implant process is used, and the need for other operations preceding the implant, like a tooth removal or a jawbone graft.

Dental implants are important not only do they affect your confidence and ability to perform basic tasks like eating or speaking, but they will also play a role in your jaw health. So, it is an important decision that will affect your health for years to come, don’t jeopardise your oral health for savings.

At Dentistry on Solent, we use the newest dental technology to create and place your dental implants. This not only reduces the time you need to spend in our surgery to get the dental implants but will also reduce the cost. If you would like to discuss the price point of digital dental implants with a dentist that offers free consultation, give us a call on (02) 9158 6137.

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