Dental Implant Cost – Why is it so High?

Losing a tooth can be quite distressing and, if you’re considering a dental implant as a replacement option, it can be financially draining too. But why is the dental implant cost so high? Well, let’s look at some of the factors that play a role in determining the price of implants.

Dental Implant Cost May Be High but It’s Not Expensive

This may seem like a contradiction, so what exactly do we mean?

When you consider that a dental implant rewards you with a healthy, functional, and beautiful smile, we’d say that your investment is well justified. But aside of our opinion, it’s important to understand that an implant isn’t a simple piece of equipment.

Pure titanium is used to make the dental implant post and abutment and while it may not be the most expensive metal out there, refining and crafting it costs a lot of money. And it doesn’t end there….

A dental implant post replaces the missing tooth root but in order to complete the restoration it needs a dental crown to be placed on top of it. Since everyone is different, no two dental crowns are the same and need to be customised to each individual. And, while the porcelain used to make the crown may not be that expensive, the process of making the crown from a 3D mould of your tooth, is.

Another Factor to Consider Is the Skill of the Dental Surgeon

Dental implants are considered a surgical process, even though the procedure is carried out chair-side.

Dentists who place implants in Australia will have carried out several years of post-graduate training and developed their skills by carrying out simple procedures using well-established guidelines and regulations, before progressing to more complex cases.

pricing of tooth implants

In order to be on top of their game, a dentist will spend a lot of his or her own money attending seminars and training. In addition, there are also the wages of all the other team members involved in the dental implant procedure to be considered. Most of these are hidden costs and are likely to be reflected in the overall price being quoted for your dental implants treatment.

Other factors that influence the dental implant cost include the location of the dentist’s clinic. A dental practice located in the heart of the Sydney CBD for instance, will be paying higher rents and higher wages than a clinic in a relatively small town. So, it pays to take this into account before deciding which clinic to entrust with your dental implants.

What Is the Average Cost of a Dental Implant?

If you’re interested to know the average cost of a dental implant in Bella Vista, Sydney, then you can expect to pay anywhere between $2000 and $6500; but in the event that you need dental work beforehand or require bone grafting in order to support your implants, then additional costs and treatment times will need to be factored into the price.

But what about digital dental implants? What do they cost?

Well in Order to Answer This Let’s Take a Quick Look at What Is Meant by the Term ‘Digital Implants?’

Digital dental implants use the latest digital technology to simplify the dental implant procedure to make it safer and more precise. This reduces the risk of nerve injury or any other damage.

Since meticulous planning is carried out in the early stages, it means that the actual surgery part of the process is faster – around 10- 20 minutes per implant on average.

Even better, flapless surgery is used for the procedure. Our own DIOnavi system for example utilises an advanced form of keyhole surgery, which for the patient means:

  • No cutting of the gum,
  • Little bleeding (if any) and
  • Faster healing!

As you can imagine, this type of advanced technology costs a lot of money to bring to market, but it can also bring great peace-of-mind for the patient. This is why (according to the latest National Dental Fees Survey) the average digital dental cost for a dental implant in Australia is around $5536 per tooth.

So, Do You Think the Price of Dental Implants Are Worth It Now?

If you’re ready for affordable dental implants, then why not get in touch with Dentistry on Solent. Our experienced dentist, Dr Rai, uses both conventional and digital dental implants and since we accept a wide variety of payment methods, our implants are affordable for everyone.

Why not schedule an implant consultation and let’s discuss your best tooth replacement options? Call Dentistry on Solent on 02 9158 6137.

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