What Dental Implants Cost and How You Can Afford Them

Want to find out what teeth implants cost in your area? Dentistry on Solent is here with the answers you’re looking for.

Average Dental Implants Cost in Australia

It’s impossible to estimate the exact price of dental implants. That’s because the cost varies depending on a variety of factors such as:

  • Geographic location of the dental practice
  • Types of material used in the implant and restoration
  • Changing costs of dental materials
  • How much experience the implant provider has
  • Whether or not any additional procedures (like extractions or bone grafting are necessary

On average, most dental implants in Australia start out at around $3,000. That’s for one implant, alone. The figure grows if you need to remove a tooth first or need more than one implant.

At the very most, you could pay up to $30,000 for an extensive implant procedure that replaces every tooth in your mouth.

Clearly, the cost of dental implants varies widely! The only way you can find out what an implant will cost you is to visit a Bella Vista implant dentist that offers a free consultation to get an examination and personalised quote.

Cost of Dental Implants—Worth Every Cent!

Teeth implants cost a good deal of money but you’ll find that their value is absolutely priceless.

Implants may be artificial teeth but they have all the benefits of natural teeth. Just like natural tooth roots, implants have the ability to stimulate the bone in your jaw to make it strong. This means that implants could preserve the shape of your smile as natural teeth do. No other tooth replacement has the potential do this.

bella vista tooth implants

A dental implant represents a significant upfront cost. But it should last you decades if you care for it properly. You could save thousands of dollars over the course of your life by choosing an implant over other dental restorations which generally need replacement or repair after just a few years.
Dental implants can fill complex needs beyond just filling in gaps in your smile. What price would you put on the ability to smile with confidence once again? How much would you pay to be able to comfortably chew all of your favourite foods again? Implants provide value that goes well beyond their price.

How to Afford Dental Implants

Are you afraid that teeth implants cost more than your budget allows? Before you give up all hope of affording a beautiful smile, consider getting a free consultation at your local dental clinic.

While most dental insurances don’t cover implants since they’re considered a luxury, you may get help from your medical insurance. Some people need dental implants because of the potential benefits to their overall health.

You won’t have to pay for your implant upfront all at once! Dental implant treatment is easy to divide up into comfortable payments.

Searching for a dentist that offers free consultation? Dentistry on Solent is ready to help you make your smile dreams a reality! Our Bella Vista dental team will walk you through your dental implant options. We’ll also help you work out an affordable payment arrangement so that you can start your dental implant journey as soon as possible. Call us on (02) 9158 6137 today to get started.

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