How to Keep Teeth White? Knowing The Effective Ways To Whiten Teeth

For many people, having white teeth can make a positive and lasting impact on their lives. Whether you want whiter teeth to enhance your appearance, improve self-confidence, or simply make a lasting impression, teeth whitening is a cosmetic dental procedure that can make a world of difference for relatively little cost.

Regardless of if you just got a whitening treatment or already have pearly whites and want to keep them at their brightest, there are several actions you can take to maintain their whiteness. Here’s how to keep teeth white.

How to Keep Teeth White with Professional Whitening?

It may have been a while since your last whitening treatment, and you notice your teeth are starting to lose their brightness, or you may already have white teeth but need a convenient way to keep them white. In that case, you can restore and maintain their lustre by regularly getting professional teeth whitening treatments. There are two main methods of professional teeth whitening: dental in-practice whitening treatments and at-home teeth whitening.

In-practice Teeth Whitening Treatment

In-practice or chairside teeth whitening treatments are the most effective methods for many individuals seeking whiter teeth or figuring out how to keep teeth white. One reason for in-chair whitening treatments’ popularity is how fast and effective they are, providing patients with noticeably whiter, brighter teeth in just a single appointment.

Unlike some at-home treatments, by visiting your dental clinic for a professional whitening treatment, your dentist can use special desensitising agents to help reduce tooth sensitivity that you wouldn’t have access to on your own. Similarly, if you have fillings or crowns from previous dental work that cannot be whitened, your dentist can  help you find solutions to ensure an all-over, consistently white smile.

At Dentistry on Solent, we offer whitening treatments from well-known brands, such as Pola, Philips Zoom, and Opalescence, so you can have peace of mind that your treatment is safe and effective.

If you want whiter teeth fast, in-practice teeth whitening may be the best option for you.

Take-home Teeth Whitening Kit

For a little more flexibility and the ability to whiten your teeth from home conveniently, a whitening take-home kit is another popular method of professional teeth whitening. At Dentistry on Solent, we offer dentist-approved and formulated teeth whitening kits known for their effectiveness.

One significant difference between take-home kits and in-chair treatments to be aware of is that the bleaching agent used in most at-home teeth whitening kits is not as concentrated as what your dentist would use in the office. For this reason, at-home whitening tends to take longer before seeing noticeable results.

If you’re diligent about following your whitening treatment plan and don’t mind the extra time it takes to achieve the desired results, take-home whitening can be a convenient and effective method.

When you get your whitening kit directly through your dentist, you can be assured your whitening trays are custom-made to correctly form to your teeth for a better fit and comfort. Plus, they may be able to provide you with a stronger bleaching agent than what you would get from over-the-counter or other less reputable whitening options.

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Get Regular Teeth Cleanings

In addition to helping ensure your overall oral health, seeing your dentist for routine cleanings can help keep your teeth white. By going at least twice per year, your dentist can help remove stubborn plaque and tartar that your oral care routine might not be able to diminish. Their professional cleaning technology and the process are powerful ways to fight tooth discolouration without having to bleach your teeth.

Avoid Beverages That Stain

Between teeth whitening treatments and cleanings, you can also help preserve your teeth’s whiteness by avoiding consuming beverages that cause stains. These may include coffee, soda, tea, and red wine. The more you can minimise the amount of these beverages you consume, the fewer stains you’ll have on your teeth.

When you occasionally enjoy one of these drinks, you can help combat staining by drinking water after to wash the liquids off your teeth or brushing your teeth. The more time pigmented liquids spend on your teeth, the more likely they are to cause stains. Brushing and rinsing with water can help fight against discolouration.

Don’t Smoke

If you’re a smoker or use other tobacco products, these habits can cause teeth stains. By not smoking and eliminating other tobacco products, you will not only preserve your white smile, but decrease your risk for gum disease, oral cancer, and more.

Use a Whitening Toothpaste

Along with practising other healthy oral habits, using a whitening toothpaste when you brush your teeth can help remove mild stains. Adding a whitening toothpaste to your daily oral care routine can help guarantee a longer-lasting teeth whiteness.

Let Dentistry on Solent Help You Keep Your Teeth Bright

If you’re unsure how to keep teeth white or are looking for a fast, effective teeth-whitening treatment, Dentistry on Solent offers professional teeth-whitening options both in the chair and at home. Keep your smile bright by booking an appointment online or by calling us on (02) 9158 6137 today.

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