Important Information about COVID-19

Certificate of Acknowledgement from the Australian Government – Department of Health

Dr Sejal Rai completed an eLearning course on Infection Control Training – COVID 19
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At Dentistry on Solent, we take the health and safety of our patients, staff and the local community very seriously. As the Coronavirus continues to make headlines, we wanted to provide guidelines for our patients and family entering the surgery.

Dentistry on Solent is open as per normal advertised hours.

1) If any patient is suspected of having coronavirus or are quarantined, they should not attend Dentistry on Solent.

2) All patients and family to wait in your car.

We will ring you when it is your turn. The front door is usually locked now – and opened when we ring you.

This is to limit patient contact in our waiting room.

Also, we will ask only the patient to enter the surgery and any family member to wait in the car.

Of course, there will be exceptions and we will accommodate such situations.

On entering the surgery, we expect patients to use our alcohol dispensers to wash hands and on leaving the surgery too.

3) If you have flu-like symptoms not confirmed as coronavirus. Patients with such flu-like symptoms will need to call Dentistry on Solent before their appointment and inform us. We will try to accommodate your examination. If these patients have a mask, they will be asked to wear it. Alternatively, staff will bring a mask out to you before you enter the surgery.

Health and hygiene At Dentistry on Solent we have plenty of masks, antiseptic wipes and cleaners. We have infection-control policies in place and ask that patients respectfully follow the advice and instruction of our staff wherever necessary.

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