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Scenario 1: Orthodontic Braces for Jennifer

Jennifer had issues with her severely misaligned upper and lower teeth. This teeth misalignment not only affected her aesthetically, but she also experienced having trouble closing her mouth without straining.

She approached Dentistry on Solent and was set up with metal dental braces for 24 months to address both upper and lower teeth misalignment.

After the treatment, Jennifer can now flash a real and beautiful smile with straight and perfectly aligned teeth and jaws.

Scenario 2: Orthodontic Braces for Caroline

Caroline was unhappy about the presentation of her upper central incisors due to her teeth’s mild upper and lower crowding.

She went in and asked help from Dentistry on Solent and was set up with metal braces on the upper and lower teeth for 18 months.

Caroline cannot contain her happiness as she can now get her confidence back with her perfectly aligned teeth!

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Scenario 3: Dental Implants for Monica

Monica suffered from losing her upper right 1st premolar tooth. The noticeable space it created not only hindered her from smiling and laughing, it also made it difficult and bothersome for her to eat and chew on that side as food particles get stuck.

After the initial consultation where photos and digital impressions of Monica’s teeth were taken, Dentistry on Solent opted for a dental implant placement with immediate temporary crown to address Monica’s problem while fabrication of a permanent implant crown was being made.

Upon fixation of the permanent crown was done, Monica can now flaunt her perfect smile once again without worrying about her missing tooth.

Scenario 4: E-max crowns for Lisa

Lisa had an accident when she was a child that affected her upper central incisor teeth. Dental restorations had been made but she was still unhappy about how her teeth looked.

When she decided to partner up with Dentistry on Solent, treatment immediately started by taking photos and impressions of the teeth to aid in the e-max crowns procedure. A digital mock up was also created to visualise the final results of the dental procedure. Preparation for the e-max crowns procedure were made. Overall, treatment was completed in 10 days including the fixation of permanent crowns.

Lisa can now show her real and beautiful smile, as if nothing really happened!

lisa bf af
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Sarah ab

Scenario 5 – Dental Implants for Sarah

Sarah had some teeth that failed on upper right side premolar region. As a result, she had to have both premolar teeth removed. Two implants were planned, placed and restored in a matter of few weeks. Sarah could not believe that her smile was restored with minimal pain.

Scenario 6 – Veneers for Maya

Maya had a front tooth that had started to turn greyish in colour over time. She was reminded of it by her friends and family which made her more conscious of it. She came to see Dr Rai. After a few visits of internal bleaching and veneer placement over 2 weeks gave Maya the confidence to smile freely again.

scenario maya
scenario seven

Scenario 7 – Dental Implants for Reita

Reita could not chew on her right-hand side as she was missing her teeth from a few years. She had previously been issued a denture but did not like to wear it due to intense discomfort. After extensive planning, 4 implants were placed and restored. Reita now is very happy with her teeth. Not only function has been restored but also her confidence to smile again. “Why did I wait so long and put up with no teeth all this time,” she says.

Scenario 8 – Teeth Whitening for Brandon

Brandon works in the banking industry and has to meet with clients nonstop. He’s always wanted to be and feel confident. He knew he had to have his teeth whitened. In less than 1 hour, Brandon’s teeth had lightened by 8 shades. Brandon’s confidence was pumped and bumped up in less than 1 hour.

scenario eight

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