Teeth Whitening In Thailand – Risks You Should Not Take

If you have tooth discoloration, you may have considered teeth whitening to restore the appearance of your smile. Some Australians are resorting to teeth whitening treatment in Thailand with the belief that the procedure is more affordable overseas. However, teeth whitening in Thailand comes with serious potential risks to your oral and overall health.

What are the risks of teeth whitening in Thailand?

Although the total cost of teeth whitening in Thailand may be lower than in Australia, there are significant risks to getting treatment overseas.

Increased Risk of Infection

Overseas travel for dental procedures dramatically increases your risk of infection. Thai dental practices are not held to the same high standards as Australian dentists. This may result in poor hygiene practices that expose you to a range of harmful pathogens.

Inadequate Regulation

While Australian dentists are regulated and accredited by several governing bodies including the Dental Board of Australia and the Australian Dental Association, dental practices in Thailand may not be required to submit to such rigorous standards.

This may mean the teeth whitening treatment you receive does not deliver the results you expect, wasting your time and money.

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Substandard Materials

Bleaching agents, such as hydrogen peroxide, used in teeth whitening gels in Australia, are researched and clinically trialed so they have been rated safe for use by qualified professionals. Although they are formulated to be gentle on teeth, they are highly concentrated and must be monitored by a dentist to minimize damage to teeth and gums.

Unfortunately, you have no guarantee that the bleaching products used for teeth whitening treatment in Thailand contain safe ingredients and you are at a higher risk for side effects including chemical burns, gum irritation, enamel deterioration and increased sensitivity.

No Insurance Coverage

Most insurance companies do not offer coverage for teeth whitening treatment overseas which means you do not have any legal means for compensation if you are injured during the procedure or if you are dissatisfied with the quality of the dental work. In fact, you may need to pay additional costs to repair any damage to your teeth and gums when you return to Australia.

Get affordable teeth whitening treatment in Australia

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