How to Fix Crooked Teeth – Aligning Teeth Discreetly

Crooked teeth can have a considerable impact on your overall confidence and the quality of your first impressions. That’s why many people wonder how to fix crooked teeth. At the same time, some adults don’t want the embarrassment of wearing traditional metal braces. That’s why the team at Dentistry on Solent offers a number of teeth straightening solutions, from clear aligners to contemporary braces which align your teeth discreetly.

Step 1: Consultation

If you’re wondering how to fix crooked teeth, remember that you’re not on this journey alone. The first step of the process is booking a consultation appointment with your Dentistry on Solent.

During this initial consultation, Dr Rai discusses your different orthodontic treatment options, performs an examination of your oral health, and reviews your aesthetic goals.

This initial consultation gives Dr Rai an opportunity to evaluate the position of your teeth and what steps are necessary to straighten your teeth.

Step 2: Choose Your Method

After your initial consultation, and based on the complexity of your case, Dr Rai might recommend an orthodontic option with different clear aligner brands that works best for your smile, orthodontic needs, and preferences.

However, many patients find themselves with a choice between contemporary braces and various aligner brands. Ultimately, it may be up to you when it comes to choosing how to fix crooked teeth. At Dentistry on Solent, we offer the following options for aligning your smile:

  • Metal Braces
  • Contemporary Braces
  • ClearCorrect
  • Inman Aligners
  • Invisalign

Each of these methods offers its own unique set of advantages.

  • Metal Braces

Metal braces are the most cost-effective option for correcting your teeth. They also work best if you have teeth with differing heights or large gaps between your teeth. Metal braces are more visible and time-consuming to clean. You will have to avoid sticky and hard foods, so you will have some diet restrictions.

You will need to get adjustments every 4-6 weeks.

  • Contemporary Braces

Braces are typically recommended for more complex orthodontic cases. Because the brackets are cemented to the teeth and connected by wires, you can’t remove them until your treatment is complete.

For some, this is a benefit because the braces can’t be misplaced. You also won’t forget to wear them for the time required.

clear aligners how to fix crooked teeth baulkham hills

The tooth-coloured brackets and wires make wearing braces more discreet. The brackets are also sleeker, smaller and more comfortable than traditional metal braces. You will have dietary restrictions similar to metal braces, and you will need to visit the dentist every 4-6 weeks for a wire adjustment.


ClearCorrect clear aligners are made from a stain-resistant and crack-resistant polyurethane. The high trimline makes for effective retention and teeth straightening treatment, and the ClearCorrect company partners with dentists to provide patients with personal support. ClearCorrect aligners are worn 22 hours per day, and they usually take 1-3 years to achieve your smile goals.

ClearCorrect is an excellent option for patients who want clear aligners and active, patient support from the aligner company as well as from Dr Rai and her team at Dentistry on Solent. The average phase includes 12 aligners, switched out every two weeks. You will need to visit your dentist every four weeks to check for compliance progress.

  • Inman Aligners

Inman Aligners feature opposing nickel-titanium coil springs that gently guide the front six social teeth into a healthier and straighter position. If you have crowding, crossbites, rotations, or protrusions, Inman Aligners are an easier and quicker alternative to metal braces or clear aligner trays. Inman Aligners are also effective for orthodontic relapses. Because of the added strength of the coil springs and the focus on front teeth, most individuals complete their Inman Aligner course of treatment within 16-18 weeks.

Inman Aligners are also removable. However, due to the presence of the metal coils, they’re slightly more noticeable than clear aligners while still remaining more subtle than traditional metal braces. Inman Aligners are worn 16-20 hours per day. You will need to visit the dentist every 2-3 weeks to check your alignment progress.

  • Invisalign

Invisalign is the largest clear aligners supplier in the world, and their advanced technology means no messy putty impressions. All that’s required is a digital scan of your mouth in order to fabricate your customised aligners using the iTero 3D Intraoral scanner. Your dentist can also show you the progress your teeth will make with each set of aligners, and what your dream smile will look like at the end of your treatment. Invisalign fixes mild-to-moderate overbites, underbites, small gaps, open bites, and crowded teeth.

The Invisalign treatment system is designed specifically to accommodate your smile goals. The series of clear aligners are switched out every two weeks, with each tray gently pulling your teeth into alignment.

Invisalign aligners are worn for 20-22 hours per day and the average treatment takes about 12 months. You will need to return every four weeks to assess the progress of your alignment.

Step 3: Begin Treatment

Dr Rai will recommend the best teeth straightening method for you, depending on the complexities of your orthodontic issues and your budget. She will also try to accommodate your preference of metal braces vs clear aligners.

Throughout the course of your orthodontic treatment, you will return periodically so Dr Rai’s team can clean your teeth, monitor your progress, and address any questions or issues that arise during the treatment process.

At the end of your treatment, you are given a retainer to wear to keep your new smile in place.

Final Word

The time and cost of fixing your crooked teeth depend on your aligning method and the severity of your misalignment. The team at Dentistry on Solent is here to help you safely, efficiently, and effectively achieve your smile dreams.

To begin your journey to smile confidence, call today on (02) 9158 6137 or fill out our free online contact form. We’re here to help answer any of your questions and address your concerns.

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